The Montessori Method

The Montessori method approaches the education which encourages the potential of a young child. All activities and practices are designed to foster the child's self esteem and independence. The children in our classroom are of mixed ages of 2 to 6. This gives the older children a chance to take care, help and guild the younger kids. They also feel proud of being able to lend a hand and roll modeling.

The Montessori approach provides the vehicle where the child may attain inner discipline and control. We recognize a child's desire to learn and nurture their curiosity. Dr. Maria Montessori clearly understood that children progress and learn at their own pace. Slow learners are not frustrated and quick learners are not held back. The environment is filled with individualized materials, carefully sequenced to allow each child to have a concrete sensorial experience. Montessori method of education grew out of Dr. Montessori's observations of children, who were growing from birth to age 6, which she called the 'absorbent mind'. In this state the child constantly absorbs impressions from the environment and stores them for later use. She observed from these experiences the child develops a sensitive period of movements, language, reading, writing, music, and the development of their five senses.

Within the traditional school the child is introduced to a certain subject or idea collectively as a part of the group. In a Montessori classroom the child is introduced to a particular activity, on an individual basis. Even the brightest children often lose interest in group activities, which do not constantly stimulate them.

What Parents Say about us...

“Ms. Priya is one of the best teachers that one could ask for and we are very happy sending our son. Every kid is special and there are different challenges with each kid. Ms. Priya understands this to the tee and tailors her approach accordingly. She has been strict enough to discipline the kids when needed and friendly enough to have the fun and gain the trust as required.

My son looks forward to go to school and although he has learnt a lot of things, he still acts silly and childish sometimes - which to me is the beauty of the being a kid. All in all, you will be happy to see the improvements and growth of your kid. She is ever ready to help the kid and is professional enough to ensure you feel safe and confident. I highly recommend.