Montessori Philosophy & Curriculum

The Five Areas:

  1. Practical life (leads children to independence and autonomy in the classroom. offers pre- language aims such as working from left to right, as well as promotes courtesy in social interactions)
  2. Sensorial (utilizes sight, touch, taste, hearing and smell towards the development of sensory discrimination techniques)
  3. Math (the children use concrete mathematics to begin ordering, acquiring a concept of the association between a distinct quality and its numeral, and working towards the mastery of operations such as addition and multiplication, subtraction and division)
  4. Language (phonetic sounds are taught associated with each letter, sounds are then "encoded" to create phonetic words, then sounds can be "decoded" and read by the child)
  5. Cultural Studies (children are offered a variety of materials associated with the cultural unit of study for each month as well as all year long in geography, zoology, botany, and social studies)


Our Program: Activity

Dana Montessori offers an educational program in a rich individualized academic environment, which promotes independence and optimum scholastic achievements. The teachers design individualized programs in accordance with each child's social and emotional needs as well as academic and physical development. The Teachers in Dana Montessori are fully qualified experienced and Montessori trained with years of experience in teaching.


Learning with different age groups: practical Life

Mixing age groups provide an experience to the child to enhance their learning experience. Older children provide leadership and guidance, and benefit from the satisfaction of helping others. Younger children are encouraged by attention and help from older children. At the same time, older children reinforce and clarify their knowledge by sharing it with younger ones. Children easily learn to respect others, and at the same time to develop respect for their own individuality. The interaction of different children offers many occasions of building community, as well as nurturing the development of self-esteem. This encourages positive social interactions and cooperative learning.


Extracurricular activities

wateringChildren may also enroll in dance, music and gymnastic classes. These programs are offered for an additional fee.







What Parents Say about us..

"Ms. Priya is a fabulous teacher! She is a highly confident and independent women whose persona reflects in every child. My daughter looks up to Ms. Priya and we love the way she gives one to one attention to each kid. She identifies strengths and hones the child to excel accordingly. Ms. Priya : Thank you so much for your passion and dedication!"